Dhanteras Captions for Instagram | Dhanteras Wishes 2022

Dhanteras Captions: Dhanteras is a very important festival of Hindus, which is celebrated in the month of Kartik of the Hindu calendar, which falls in October-November according to the Gregorian month. Dhanteras marks the arrival of the Diwali festival which is an important festival of Hinduism.

It is not only a festival to celebrate prosperity and good health, but also a great opportunity to make new ventures and financial investments. The importance of this day can be gauged by looking at the market and the huge crowd of people eager for shopping.

Here you’ll find the best Dhanteras Captions for Instagram, Dhanteras Wishes and Dhanteras Quotes for Instagram with Images.


Dhanteras Captions for Instagram

Dhanteras Captions for Instagram

1. Wishing you a happy Dhanteras and a joyful Diwali.

2. Wishing everyone a Dhanteras full of celebrations and joys.

3. I believe in giving something to others so that they can also enjoy this festival.

4. Let us welcome Lord Kuber into our lives. Happy Dhanteras!!!

5. Shimmer with silver, Shine with gold. Happy Dhanteras.

6. Let us begin the celebrations of this festive season with Dhanteras.

7. May this Dhanteras sun glows like gold in your house the whole year.

8. May this dhanteras shower you with wealth and prosperity. Happy Dhanteras

9. Happy Dhanteras to all. May God bring wealth and happiness to everyone.

10. Pray for Strength and Happiness as wealth is temporary. Happy Dhanteras!

11. May the celebrations of Dhanteras mark the beginning of good times in our lives.

12. On the occasion of Dhanteras, I wish you may get success and achieve what you want.

13. May this Dhanteras mark the beginning of many new opportunities for us. Happy Dhanteras.

14. Bow to Lord Dhanvantri to seek blessings for good health and wellness. Happy Dhanteras.

15. Let’s celebrate dhanteras not with materialistic gold but by bringing gold into our hearts!

16. Having gold doesn’t matter, what matters is your down-to-earth mature toward everyone.

Dhanteras Wishes & Quotes

Dhanteras Wishes

“Let us thank God for his blessings on Dhanteras and seek his blessings for a prosperous and successful future…. Best wishes on Dhanteras to you sir.”

“Just like the sparkle of gold and silver, I wish your days glow forever. Here is wishing you a glowing Dhanteras.”

“Want something then earn it, Goddess Laxmi can only open ways for you. but, it is your choice to walk on it or do nothing.”

“Dear Goddess Lakshmi Bless the recipient of this message with thirteen times Dhan on this Dhan Teras Happy Dhanteras!”

“May the celebrations of Dhanteras never end…. May Lord Dhanvantri make each and every day of your life with health, happiness, and smiles.”

“May the positive vibes of Dhanteras surround us with happiness and health. Let us bow our heads in prayers to Lord Kuber and Lord Dhanvantri for a happier and healthier life.”



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