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How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Next Campaign

At present time Instagram marketing is growing day by day, and most businesses are searching for the best Instagram influencers who are perfect and suitable for their brand promotion. From monitoring relevant hashtags for your brand and searching for influencers who are using and liking your brand – getting the right influencer could help you to level up your brand, get promoted, and get reach and engagements from new audiences. 

Need of Influencers

Before it, one must know about the rate of engagement and what is the use of that for your campaign. The more the engagement rate, the more is the reach of your brand. Working with the influencers on Instagram their reach and engagement will be the reach of your brand promotion and sales. Three necessary points for getting an influencer are- 

  • Increasing  brand awareness 
  • Generating leads and sales 
  • Increasing your Instagram followers 

How to find Instagram Influencers?

Though there are a lot of influencers present widely on Instagram, not all are created for the same. Before you get an Instagram influencer you must check the engagement rate and reach, of followers of the influencer so you would be having an idea of what reach you would be getting.

Best influencer for your campaign

Brand voice is an essential thing that is necessary to the campaigns of your brand promotion. The brand voice is the way your influencer would talk to your customers. It involved a sort of things such as language style, brand value as well as personality. The good consistent and defined your brand voice is the more will the reach and trust of audiences on your brand.

Tips to Help Find Influencers For Your Brand

Here are some things one should consider before deciding whether an influencer is a right fit for your brand:

  • Check Out Influencers Already Talking About Your Brand.
  • Take Inspiration from Your Competitors.
  • Look at Who Your Target Audience is Already Engaging With.
  • Follow Industry Podcasts, Events, Newsletters, and Blogs.
  • Keep Your Budget in Mind.
  • Consider Micro and Nano Influencers.
  • Monitor Relevant Hashtags.
  • Use a Third-party Influencer Management Platform.
  • Look at Key Performance Metrics.
  • Ask Your Community for Recommendations.

Here are a few more points which are detailed below:-

Check Out The Promoters Already Talking About Your Product

If you are looking to work with an influential person in a reputable campaign, it is a good idea to find someone who is already interested in and working with your product. To find promoters already working with your product, search for your tagged posts, comments, and DMs – if the promoter tags you in the news or on their posts, it is a good sign that they are already sharing content about your business or products with their followers. Because when you find promoters who are already talking about your product or products, it’s exactly right.

And live equity is more important than ever, especially as consumers are more aware of sponsored posts. The best part about this is that the partnership will feel relevant to their community.

Beware of Hashtags. Make a habit to Monitor them

Beware of Hashtags

If you have a product hashtag or a collection of hashtags that you use regularly, it is a good idea to follow these hashtags to help find promoters for your campaign.

Searching for who shared content under your branded hashtag may reveal hundreds of promoters you can reach.

For example, take the hashtag #foods hashtag of @zomato for example. Their named hashtag has more than 600k posts where thousands of audience who are photographers, bloggers, etc are tagged in their posts.

Use the Influencer Control Panel for a third party

They can not only help you identify a competent partner, but they can also help you predict campaign results and evaluate your subsequent promoter relevance.

If it is within your budget, using these types of influential tools can really help ensure that you work with effective facilitators and communicate with the right audience. There are tons of third-party tools like Fohr, SocialBlade, NeoReach, and Upfluence that can help you find Instagram promoters for your campaign.

Go with Genuine Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important marketing metrics for Instagram influencers. The engagement rate decreases as the number of followers increases.

The median engagement rate for Instagram promoters was almost 3% by 2021, with promoters having less than 1,000 followers enrolling at a high 8% engagement rate.

However, sometimes this metric can be misleading as thunderstorms do not always cause a reversal. You must first determine how true the engagement is.

Top Tools for Finding Influencers in 2022

1. Upfluence


Upfluence is a full-fledged influence platform, offering a set of well-integrated features. Customers can search through Upfluence to find promoters using as many keywords appropriately. By tapping down on keywords, you begin to slow down the pool a bit.

You can set the related weight for each keyword, making one more important than the others. You can narrow down your search on Instagram, using terms such as location, social media, or a number of followers. 

In fact, Upfluence was not always Upfluence. In 2017, the company was in the midst of a rebrand. At the time, Upfluence was a company that produced two products:

  1. Facade is a search engine that uses big data power to drive the search for the most accurate influence
  1. Publisher, a powerful management system, which also serves as a content marketplace.

The resulting statistics appear near real-time. The left side of the screen is where you type search terms, and the right side shows the number of results based on your search — and grouped it according to the size of the follower. An important part of the impact, however, is its search and search engine.

Pricing of Upfluence

As a SaaS platform, access to Upfluence is sold on a subscription. There are five levels of service, each with a monthly fee.

— Getting Started 1 user account, 500 promoters emailed, 1 public listening stream, Basic Training, and Support

— Small Business – 1 account, 750 promoters sent an email, 3 public listening streams, Influencer Demographic Data

— Experts – 2 accounts, 2k promoters sent an email, 10 public listening broadcasts, Influencer, and Audience Demographic Data, API & Exports

— Business – 5 accounts, 5k promoters sent an email, 25 public listening broadcasts, Influencer Data and Audience Demographics, API & Exports, Publisher Platform.

2. Post For Rent

Post For Rent

Post for Rent is also a full-fledged influence tool. The company maintains a good balance between cold business efficiency and genuine influence campaigns. You can continue to improve your search — based on influence and audience attributes — and the list will never disappear. 

Product search promoters can see these star ratings in their search results, and they can click on their profiles to check for updates left by other brands. Similarly, promoters see product ratings, which may influence how willing they are to work with a company.

There is a system in place for brands and promoters to leave reviews with each other, and act as indicators. The interface seems to be designed with the knowledge that the people behind the scene are small and move around as promoters of the front lines.

In other words, this is a platform built for a generation that better understands influential marketing, making authenticity inevitable. If you choose to search for promoters, Post for Rent shows you the icons of influential people, their ratings, loyalty scores, and basics. statistics. Then click on those of your favorite influences, and add them to the list to the right of your screen. 

Post for Rent lets you search for influencers based on the hashtags they have used in previous content. This helps to provide better identification.

The fact is that Post for Rent maintains a good balance between cold business efficiency and genuine influence campaigns, and the forum itself elevates the promoters’ market to a new level.

All the boring and boring things involved in this process — finding and managing influencers and their content, checking profiles and data, audience surveys — are easily accomplished with a virtual interface that is almost fun to use. 

Price of Post For Rent

Basic program: Influencer Search

The Influencer Search base plan will allow you to analyze and compare any social media account. There is no monthly fee, you pay as you go: it will only cost you $5/ influencer profile scanner called X-Ray.

3. Influence.Co


This helps brands maintain the kind of real and long-lasting relationships that are part of influencer marketing. Indeed, now has a social networking and marketing platform with over 250,000 members, 150,000 of whom are sponsors, 70,000 businesses, and another 30,000 people. It takes a very different approach compared to most of the promoters’ forums. Although provides all the common marketplace services, it also serves as a communication platform. 

Influencer marketing forums take on many shapes and sizes. 

You can find navigation tools for the campaign, known as Asana for marketing. There are specific acquisition tools, often described as Google’s powerful marketing. There are influencer relationship managers, aka Salesforce influencer marketing. can do all of these things, but those tools stay in a place where their foundation can best be described as LinkedIn for influential marketing.

It is a very different approach than most forums are, especially Markets — that is, without exception, the most common description of what does. Most (OK, all) markets we have seen are a variation of the same process: create a campaign report, distribute it to any promoters on the platform, wait for them to apply, and run a campaign with a select few. And, of course, you can do that with, but it also acts as its own kind of social media platform.

Pricing of works off a freemium model, and it does this in an easy and transparent way. There are only two plans: one that’s free and one that isn’t. Business Basics, $0/month With the basic account, you can build your own profile and access the community. 

You can do basic searches with up to 50 results per search, and organize those results into up to 3 lists.

Ways to get Influencers for your Campaign

Given below are some ways to get influencers for your campaigns- 

Get an influencer who already knows your brand – it’s a nice idea because you find influencers who are already talking about your brand and product, which is a perfect and expected match. 

Monitor relevant hashtags for use- if you have a collection of hashtags you use regularly, it would be good to find influencers for your campaign. 

Check with whom your audience is engaging much- checking the influencer with whom your targeted audience is interacting much is a good option because you would be getting much reach and engagements.

Look at the key performance metrics- it’s necessary to look around the metrics of the influencer because the reach he would be getting will be the reach and engagement of your brand.

How to Contact the Instagram Influencers?

There are ways by which you can contact an influencer for the work. Most of the influencers have emails on their bio or on their website. Also, you can try to DM the influencers and check whether they are available or not. Nowadays, almost all the influencers have agents or account managers that handle their accounts and update them.


It is good to get an Instagram influencer who is already talking and knowing your brand. And with the influencer monitor that proper hashtags are properly used.


For another year, Instagram remains the top social media marketing platform. If it is within your budget, using these types of influential tools can really help ensure that you work with effective facilitators and communicate with the right audience. In the latest case of Linqia’s State of Influencer Marketing, 93% of advertisers agree that Instagram is the best social media marketing channel for promoters.

In addition to using Instagram’s main news feed to reach the target audience, 73% use Instagram News, and 37% use Instagram Reels.

They can not only help you identify a competent partner, but they can also help you predict campaign results and evaluate your subsequent promoter relevance.

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