How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Next Campaign

At present time Instagram marketing is growing day by day, and most businesses are searching for the best Instagram influencers who are perfect and suitable for their brand promotion. From monitoring relevant hashtags for your brand and searching for influencers who are using and liking your brand – getting the right influencer could help you to level up your brand, get promoted, and get reach and engagements from new audiences. 

Need of Influencers

Before it, one must know about the rate of engagement and what is the use of that for your campaign. The more the engagement rate, the more is the reach of your brand. Working with the influencers on Instagram their reach and engagement will be the reach of your brand promotion and sales. Three necessary points for getting an influencer are- 

  • Increasing  brand awareness 
  • Generating leads and sales 
  • Increasing your Instagram followers 

How to find Instagram Influencers?

Though there are a lot of influencers present widely on Instagram, not all are created for the same. Before you get an Instagram influencer you must check the engagement rate and reach, of followers of the influencer so you would be having an idea of what reach you would be getting.

Best influencer for your campaign

Brand voice is an essential thing that is necessary to the campaigns of your brand promotion. The brand voice is the way your influencer would talk to your customers. It involved a sort of things such as language style, brand value as well as personality. The good consistent and defined your brand voice is the more will the reach and trust of audiences on your brand.

Ways to get Influencers for your Campaign

Given below are some ways to get influencers for your campaigns- 

Get an influencer who already knows your brand – it’s a nice idea because you find influencers who are already talking about your brand and product, which is a perfect and expected match. 

Monitor relevant hashtags for use- if you have a collection of hashtags you use regularly, it would be good to find influencers for your campaign. 

Check with whom your audience is engaging much- checking the influencer with whom your targeted audience is interacting much is a good option because you would be getting much reach and engagements.

Look at the key performance metrics- it’s necessary to look around the metrics of the influencer because the reach he would be getting will be the reach and engagement of your brand.

How to Contact the Instagram Influencers?

There are ways by which you can contact an influencer for the work. Most of the influencers have emails on their bio or on their website. Also, you can try to DM’s the influencers and check whether they are available or not. Nowadays, almost all the influencers have agents or account managers that handle their accounts and update them.


It is good to get an Instagram influencer who is already talking and knowing your brand. And with the influencer monitor that proper hashtags are properly used.


Using Instagram influencers is an amazing way to let people know about you and your brand and products. From the above points, it would be easy for you to search for an Instagram influencer for your campaign and get much reach and engagement.

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