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Life is a precious gift. It should be handled carefully. We should be thankful to God for sending us to the earth and giving us such a beautiful environment to live in. We should also be thankful to God for making us physically and mentally healthy to live life to the fullest. Not only humans, the life of animals, birds, and plants is equally valuable and we should also value it.

We should appreciate the good in our lives and show our gratitude for the same. We must understand that life is a journey and not a destination. This means that we need to enjoy every moment slowly and calmly and make the most of it instead of rushing through it.

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Life Captions for Instagram:

Life Captions

Best Life Captions & Saying

  • Life is just a journey.
  • Life has no Ctrl + Z
  • Enjoy life. It comes with an expiry date.
  • Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.
  • Aspire to inspire before we expire.
  • Die with memories, not dreams.
  • Tough times never last but tough people do.
  • Don’t think outside the box. Think like there is no box.
  • Stop wishing for it and start working for it.
  • You can do anything, but not everything.
  • “Success” all depends on the second letter.
  • The truth is rarely pure and never simple.
  • Lost time is never found again.
  • You never find yourself until you face the truth.
  • Life is a sweet music, just play it.
  • The burden which is well borne becomes light.
  • No expectations. No disappointments.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • Silence speaks a thousand words.
  • Life is an art of drawing without an eraser.
  • Run for your life – there are stupid people everywhere.
  • Life is just a bowl of cherries.
  • Life is a one time offer, use it well.
  • Beware the barrenness of a busy life.
  • Life is full of struggles.
  • I got less but I got the best!
  • “Always Think twice, speak once”
  • Life is God’s novel. Let him write it.
  • life is simple if we are simple.
  • Life is a gift. Treat it well.
  • Enjoy life to be healthy.
  • Life is a series of baby steps.
  • A simple life is a beautiful life.
  • Life is better when you’re laughing.
  • Life is simple, it’s just not easy.
  • Work hard. Dream big.
  • For life is the best thing we have in this existence.
  • The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
  • Life is short, so go for things you enjoy.
  • Early experience is formed due to strong memory.
  • Never stress over over what you can’t control.
  • The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
  • Ah, sweet mystery of life At last I found thee.
  • Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.
  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
  • Depression eventually becomes a habit.
  • Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.
  • There is nothing more exciting in the world, but people.
  • Truly kind person does not notice his mercy.
  • With the change in seasons, people change people from their life.
  • Hakuna Matata. It Means No Worries For The Rest Of Your Days.
  • Life Is So Much Brighter When We Focus On What Truly Matters.
  • Life Is Really Simple, But We Insist On Making It Complicated.
  • Sometimes The Wrong Person Teach Us The Right Lessons In Life.
  • The Good Life Is One Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge.
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  • Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In & Day Out.
  • You Were Given This Life Because You’Re Strong Enough To Live It.
  • To Succeed In Life, You Need Two Things: Ignorance & Confidence.
  • What is written good is never boring. Style is the life itself, the blood of a thought.
  • Life is short don’t waste it being sad. Be who you are, be happy, be free, be whatever you want to be.
  • Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life.
  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.


Best Life Quotes & Saying

Life Quotes

“A human life is a story told by God.” – Hans Christian Andersen

“All of life is the exercise of risk.” – William Sloane Coffin

“Life is a lively process of becoming.” – Douglas Macarthur

“Life is never free of contradictions.” – Manmohan Singh

“Life is a perpetual yesterday for us.” – Alice Sebold

“Never regret anything that made you smile.” – Mark Twain

“Die with memories, not dreams.” – Unknown

“Aspire to inspire before we expire.” – Unknown

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

“Expect an early death – it will keep you busier.” – Martin H. Fischer

“If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.” – Larry McMurtry

“Life is too short to work so hard.” – Vivien Leigh

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Whatever you do, do it well.” – Walt Disney

“What we think, we become.” – Buddha

“All limitations are self-imposed.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Tough times never last but tough people do.” – Robert H. Schiuller

“Problems are not stopped signs, they are guidelines.” – Robert H. Schiuller

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” – Wayne Dyer

“As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.” – Zachary Scott

“Live as you will wish to have lived when you are dying.” – Christian Gellert

“Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.” – Unknown


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