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Best Online Image Compressor – Reduce Size Of Your Image

It is a technical process to reduce the image size of any file without losing its quality. Our online image compressor tool compresses jpg or png files also.

Best Online Image Compressor

If we look around, we’ll see that all of our friends are busy uploading photos to Instagram, Facebook, etc. Now that smartphones have better cameras, we can’t stop taking pictures. The size of these pictures is between 5 and 7 MB, and they can quickly fill up your storage. Not only that but putting these pictures on social networking sites also takes a lot of time.

Using an image optimizer is a quick way to fix these little things. There are a lot of online image compressors that can shrink images without hurting their quality. Not only is there an online image reducer, but there are also a lot of apps on the Play Store for Android that can compress your images quickly. This article has decided to share a list of the best photo compressors that don’t lose quality.

You can shrink your large image files with any of these image compressors. So, let’s look at the online photo compressors on the list.

1. TinyPNG

TinyPNG is one of the best sites you can go to right now to compress images. The site is known for its smart PNG and JPEG compression, which optimizes without sacrificing quality. The web-based tool to compress images is free to use, and it can also compress many images at once. Up to 20 images can be compressed at the same time.

It’s a web-based tool that lets you compress and upload a lot of images at once. It can reduce the size of JPEG, PNG, GIF, and JPG images. Not only that, but the web-based tool also lets users set the percentage of compression to avoid losing quality.

2. Img2Go

Img2Go is one of the newest sites on the list compared to the others. It works the same way as every other image compressor online. Img2Go is a web app that lets you change the quality of an image to change its size. As an image output, it only works with JPG and PNG file types.

Img2Go is more powerful because it has more than one way to compress files. For example, you can compress images to keep the best quality or lower the quality to make the file size as small as possible. PNG compressor might be the best site for compressing pictures.

You won’t believe it, but users can choose up to 20.jpg or.jpeg file types on the site. It shrinks the size of the images without changing their quality. The web tool’s user interface is pretty clean and easy to use.

3. Iloveimg

Iloveimg could be a good choice if you want to compress JPG, PNG, and GIF images online. The site shrinks the size of your image files without changing the quality of the original image. Iloveimg lets you do more with images than just compress them. For example, you can resize images, crop images, convert images, etc. It also has a photo editor that lets you do simple things with photos.

Image compressor is a website where you can shrink almost every type of image file, such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, and so on. Like the Reduce Images site, the png and jpg compressor lets users choose the size and quality of the image ahead of time. Image Optimizer also has a separate app for Windows that can be used independently.

4. Adobe Online Image Compressor

Adobe also has an online file compressor, which not many people know about. Adobe’s photo compressor online is pretty easy to use. What’s more interesting is that it gives you a few other ways to edit images, like the ability to change colors, crop and straighten, resize images, etc. When you save an image, you can choose the quality of the image (compression).

So, these are the best ways to compress images right now without losing quality. Tell us in the box below if you know of any other sites like this. I hope that this article was helpful.

Final words:

You can use and improve photos on your own website thanks to the benefits you can get from using these tools. Each of the 10 tools listed above has pros and cons. Users need to decide which feature they will use and then compress images based on that.

Use these tools for:

  • For a solution made just for stores to help them compress and optimize images,
  • For a powerful tool that can optimize many images at once,
  • To add effects to photos quickly and easily, compress
  • For speed up with compression
  • For those who use Linux or Unix
  • To change the type of file your compressed photos are saved as
  • From there, businesses will be one step closer to improving the customer experience, reducing the time it takes to load a page, and still being able to load web pages.


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