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5 Creative Ways to Promote Blog on Instagram | InstaCaps

A Blog serves a reason to provide content on one’s website that answers customer questions and helps them learn about your product or service they offer. It answers every shot of the topic from “What to do on Monday?” to anything maybe “Will Ethereum Beat Bitcoin?”.

It expands one’s brand’s visibility by giving Google and other search engines content to index and serve up in search results. Sharing One’s Content on Social Media like Instagram, Facebook, etc amplify your content.

5 Easy Ways to Promote Blog on Instagram

1. Share Your Blog Post to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are one of the perfect tools to drive traffic back to one’s blog. The recently rolled out link sticker that’s available to all accounts. For the best results, make sure you’re drawing as much attention as possible to your link sticker.

One needs to customize their stories templates, by simply adding some attention-grabbing GIFs or Pics.

Promote Blog on Instagram

Remainder– Do add important Instagram Stories to your Highlights because If you share a blog link on Instagram Stories, it’ll disappear after 24 hours automatically but if you add that to your highlights one can easily access it from your profile 24/7. 

2. Network with other bloggers to expand and enrich your engagement & grow your blog

Make Network – Networking is that tool that drives your traffic from 0 to 1000 or 10000 in a single day. Search for Big Accounts, Influencers, Brands, and Companies in your Niche, Industry.

Interact with them and support these accounts genuinely, with the same level of interaction you’d hope for commenting on their post (make sure you don’t spam commenting means something genuine), liking their post, and sometimes even resharing them to your stories and tag them (shout out them)!

Introduce yourself and feel out the opportunity for partnerships, features, and Collaboration if available!

Try to do Collaboration Post because it is one of the best ways to exchange/interact with your follower’s friend profiles.

3. Use Breathtaking Images and Videos to Promote Your Blog Posts on Instagram

Catching the Eyes of new Instagram users depends on their first impression of your Posts.

Since Instagram is an audio-visual platform, the photo or video you use must give a direct impact on the user 

mind in order to drive engagement on your post and convert that particular user into your potential followers & use him/her for future engagement and then drive them to your blog in order to maximize the traffic!

Note- Your image plays a huge supporting role in the storytelling of your post.

4. Tell Your Followers a Story They Can’t Resist… That’s Finished On Your Blog!

When you’re using Instagram to promote a blog, captions carry extra importance.

Think of captions as a storytelling opportunity to drive traffic to your blog content – convince viewers they need to know more.

Use proper CTA – Call to Action. It will be more beneficial if you use two calls to action instead of one in your caption.

The first CTA must be to go to your Instagram Stories and check out the content by clicking on the learn more tool or link sticker.

The second CTA must be for Go Read your blog post by using your bio link tool.

5. Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Blog Traffic with linktree or any Instagram bio tool

On Instagram, one can use only one link in his/her bio at a time.

But that means potentially switching your bio link every time whenever one shares new blog content — which, on top of being tedious, limits the number of clicks on previous blog posts. 

So in order to solve that we have a solution, that is the use of a bio-tool that gives you the power to share several links at once. 

With Any Bio Tool (let’s suppose Linktree here), one can easily share multiple links from one easy-to-navigate landing page.

how to promote blog on social Media

One can easily add a series of customizable buttons, mirror your Instagram feed with clickable images, and even feature a YouTube video.

The best thing about these Bio Tools is —  they include buttons, linked images, featured media, and analytics — are free for all users.

Why Share blogs on Social Media like Instagram, Fb, etc?

  • It’s Free Traffic. It means here you can engage with hundreds and millions of potential readers of your Niche just by sharing. 
  • Engage and Cultivate Even More Free Traffic. It will automatically promote or push your content because Instagram pushes such content automatically which has a good response.
  • Your Google Rankings Will Rise simultaneously. 
  • You’ll Get Indexed Faster. 
  • You can easily create a better relationship with your reader on a daily basis by using Instagram Stories, Live, etc.


Sharing great content on Instagram, or really any social media platform, where you have invested your time to develop a strong network and maintain great relationships will be a boon for oneself. 

If you’re just getting started, you can’t expect too much in terms of interest and referral traffic. But over time, if you’re working at it, I think you’ll appreciate the results.

If you’d like to do even more with Instagram. If you see that network as having a very strong relationship between its demographic and its target audience. 

Suppose you are a blog writer who has Millions of Followers on Instagram. So whenever you write something and you share that with your Instagram friends your blog will get an automatic boot for free just because you have to build that social network those people trust you.

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