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Santa Claus Captions: Santa Claus is a fat bearded man with a white coat and a red hat. In 1773 he made his first appearance in the US. There are many ways to describe Santa Claus. What you can’t do is decide which one is right. All the descriptions might be true, but incomplete. Some say Santa Claus is a fertility god, that he is the god of bringing children into the world.

Santas exist. They deliver presents. No grown-up is capable of such feats with such ease so this implies magic. If Santa is a real person it’s probably not an elf. Gone are those times when we used to believe in Santa Claus and Christmas miracles. Instead, we become Santa to our near and dear ones. Dress up as a Santa and spread happiness! This Christmas, make your social media shine with a glossy picture and a punned caption! Below are some ‘Santa Claus Captions!

Santa Claus Caption for Instagram? Well, I have covered the best ones ever. Have fun going through and using one of your choices.

Best Santa Claus Captions For Instagram

Santa Claus Captions for Instagram

1. Santa was here.

2. Here comes Santa.

3. Where is my Santa?

4. Why is Santa so fat?

5. Wow! Thank you, Santa!

6. Santa sleighed this year.

7. Santa needs a break too.

8. Can you recognize Santa?

9. Gender exists even in dreams.

10. Dad is always my Santa Claus.

11. Rejoice as Santa Claus is here!

12. Santa Claus sleighs every time!

13. Can women be Santa Claus’ too?

14. Does Santa have a lot of money?

15. Santa Claus lunching in our home.

16. See, I told you I was good this year.

17. Isn’t Santa Claus coming this year?

18. I hope Santa Claus is in good health.

19. Santa Claus is like a dream come true!

20. How come he can listen to what I want?

21. Santa Claus actually gives us presents.

22. I prayed hard for Santa Claus to come!

23. Looks like Santa came to town after all.

24. Mama needs coffee and so does Santa.

25. I didn’t see him, but I know he was there.

26. Mom, is Santa Claus a man or a woman?

27. What did you want when you were a kid?

28. Come Santa come! Come, give us a visit!

29. Santa Claus is like a magician, only better.

30. As we grew, our demands started to change.

31. Santa Claus basking under the Christmas tree.

32. Even Santa Claus has to go through body shaming!

33. Let’s rob Santa! He has got lots of money and gifts!

34. I was always taught to be a Santa Claus for the poor.

35. Stockings are stuffed. That can only mean one thing.

36. Santa is a magician dressed in red and covered in snow.

37. Dear Santa Claus, I only accept cash or cheque as presents.

38. My little kid dressed up as Santa Claus for the Christmas play!

39. You know you have grown up if you do not believe in Santa Claus.

40. So, what, you married me? My dad shall always be my Santa Claus!

41. Dear Santa, please give me loads of money or maybe a blank cheque.

42. My parents never gave me hidden presents to make me believe in Santa.

43. Do you wanna dress up as Santa Claus and share happiness with others?

44. Santa Claus doesn’t hurt anybody’s sentiments. But you did. You aren’t Santa.

45. Businessmen can dress up as Santa Claus on Christmas and throw away money.

46. Twenty-eight years and still praying for my Santa Claus to come in shining armor.

47. Can’t believe my sister dressed me up as Santa Claus on my Christmas date! My date came as an elf.


Cute Santa Captions for Instagram

Santa Claus Quotes

1. He is real!

2. He does exist!

3. I have got one!

4. Here, Santa Claus is drunk.

5. Santa isn’t cunning like you.

6. Santa Claus always sleighs.

7. Get ready for next year, Santa.

8. Dirty dancing with Santa Claus.

9. Santa Claus is my date tonight.

10. Where are the Christmas puns?

11. What should I put in the address?

12. Who’s coming to collect the gifts?

13. Dreaming of all kinds of presents.

14. My only Santa left me a year back.

15. Santa Claus wouldn’t come this year.

16. What a joy it is to spread happiness!

17. I am my daughter’s best Santa Claus!

18. Sorry, Santa. I can explain to you now.

19. I bet Santa is sleeping in this morning.

20. Did you send an invite to Santa Claus?

21. I slay all year, but I sleigh in December.

22. Looks like Santa got my letter this year.

23. Did you actually believe in Santa Claus?

24. All I want for Christmas is to see Santa.

25. Maybe Santa didn’t know I was naughty.

26. Ho ho ho! Here comes Santa in his car!

27. Dolly Parton dressed as Santa is hilarious.

28. This Christmas card is addressed to heaven.

29. Petition to celebrate Christmas all year round.

30. Here’s a little something to give Santa Clause.

31. I once met this Santa who didn’t speak English.

32. Petition to dress up as Santa Claus all year round.

33. Who shares more happiness? Santa Claus or coke?

34. Dressing up as Santa Claus and giving away presents!

35. Relationship status – in a relationship with Santa Claus.

36. Why doesn’t he buys himself a nice hut with a fireplace?

37. Do you think Santa is having spiked eggnog this morning?

38. I have been a good kid all year for Santa to show up at my door.

Charming Santa Captions for Instagram

1. I still believe.

2. I never stopped believing.

3. Ah, Santa. Hello, old friend.

4. Oh Santa, is that mistletoe?

5. Santa! You’re making me blush!

6. The name is Claus, Santa Claus.

7. Oh Santa, if only you were single.

8. Santa made my childhood magical.

9. Santa brings out the child in all of us.

10. Sorry Santa, the baby drank all the milk.

11. Never lose that twinkle in your eye, Santa.

12. I will never tire of seeing that beautiful red suit.

13. I bet Mrs. Claus does all of Santa’s gift wrapping.

14. I’m pretty sure I heard jingle bells around midnight.

15. Introduced hubby to the other man in my life, Santa.

16. Any chance the king of Christmas is looking for a queen?

17. I like to consider myself the president of Santa’s fan club.

18. Hey Santa, any chance you’re looking for a new Mrs. Claus?

19. After all these years, Santa finally brought my Christmas wish.

20. Santa is the perfect example of believing in something even when you can’t see it.

Family-Friendly Santa Captions for Instagram

1. We believe!

2. My little Santa baby.

3. Not pictured: Santa.

4. This family believes.

5. Santa outdid himself this year.

6. Smiles brought to you by Santa.

7. Hey Santa, do you do weddings?

8. So in love with this Santa session.

9. You’re the best gift Santa could bring.

10. The only man I love more than you are Santa.

11. I don’t think Santa got my letter about the ring.

12. Santa brought me something sparkly this year.

13. It’s okay Santa, I scream when Dad holds me too.

14. Santa is bringing us a new addition to the family!

15. Looks like Santa finally heard my Christmas wish.

16. Hey mom, why does Santa look so much like dad?

17. Santa knew all I ever wanted for Christmas was you.

18. Next year, I’m mailing Tiffany’s catalog to the North Pole.

19. I guess Santa and Mom have different definitions of nice.

20. The best gift Santa ever gave me was having you to celebrate with.

Sweet Santa Captions for Instagram

1. Find joy in Santa’s jolly smile.

2. Smile! Santa’s coming to town.

3. The heart of Christmas is Santa.

4. Every gift is a little piece of Santa.

5. Sadly, Santa only comes once a year.

6. Santa works his jolliness right into your heart.

Sentimental Santa Caption for Instagram

1. Santa is a state of mind.

2. I wish Santa would adopt me.

3. We could all learn a thing or two from Santa.

4. Santa teaches us kindness, generosity, and joy.

5. Santa reminds us it’s better to give than receive.

6. Santa teaches us that the best gifts come from the heart.

7. Has anyone ever asked Santa what he wants for Christmas?

8. The best gift Santa brings us on Christmas morning is a room full of smiles.

Christmas Cookies Captions for Santa

1. Baked with love for Santa.

2. Do you think Santa is keto?

3. Santa must not like walnuts.

4. Soy milk for Santa, just in case.

5. Santa is going gluten-free this year.

6. Tasted and tested for Santa’s safety.

7. I wonder if Santa has a peanut allergy.

8. Don’t worry Santa, we’ll save you some.

9. I think Santa would prefer cookies and wine.

10. My cookies might be better than Mrs. Claus’.

11. Do you think Santa would mind if I had a few?

12. I wonder if Santa would notice one or two missing?

Funny Santa Claus Captions for Instagram

1. Santa got tired.

2. Santa’s never late.

3. Eat, drink, and nap.

4. Santa got us beers!

5. Santa looks serious.

6. Any time now, Santa.

7. Does Santa have GPS?

8. Santa taking a chill pill.

9. All ready for Christmas.

10. All is calm, and all is bright.

11. Santa Claus is my one true love.

12. I am ready for a long winter nap!

13. One more sleep until Santa is here!

14. What are you doing for Christmas?

15. What does Santa do all year round?

16. The Christmas miracles came true.

17. Santa Claus forgot his route, maybe.

18. Up on the housetop, click, click, click.

19. Just waiting for the man with the bag.

20. Be a Santa Claus for the poor and needy.

21. Santa Claus wouldn’t come due to covid.

22. I hope that St. Nicholas will soon be here.

23. Dressed up as Santa and helping the poor.

24. Santa Claus is late for Christmas this year.

25. Keep calm and keep spreading happiness.

26. Santa Claus imparts happiness for ages.

27. Does Santa have a job? He must have, man!

28. I wonder if I can catch Santa on my ring cam.

29. Keep calm and keep dressing as Santa Claus.

30. I hope I don’t see mommy kissing Santa Claus.

31. You look more like Santa Claus than he himself.

32. It is snowing heavily. How will Santa Claus come?

33. Dear Santa, is there still time to make the nice list?

34. Do you think he really knows when we are sleeping?

35. Will Santa still come if I’m up all night with the baby?

36. The poor and needy need Santa Claus more than us.

37. What a joy it is to share happiness with those we need.

38. The petition only makes businessmen like Santa Claus.

39. I am sure that Santa Claus will turn up right at midnight.

40. Kids are tucked in, time for mommy to kiss Santa Claus.

41. Was it a fairy godmother or Santa Claus for the princess?

42. It’s one of Santa’s busiest days! Which are the other days?

43. Christmas lights must show the way for Santa Claus to come!

44. No pouts around here. We are ready for Santa to come to town!

45. As you get older, the magic stealthily changes into you being a magician.

46. My new year goal is to earn lots of money so that I can become Santa Claus on Christmas next year.

Santa Claus Quotes for Instagram

“Santa’s coming? I KNOW HIM!” – Elf

“Santa Claus llegó a la ciudad.” – Luis Miguel

“I’m the reason Santa has a naughty list.” – Unknown.

“Believing in Santa is believing in the magic of Christmas.”

“Santa exists within the hearts of children and adults alike.”

“Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.” – Santa Claus.

“Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.” – Eartha Kitt

“Santa is the sparkle, shine, and jolly that every holiday needs.”

“The joy of giving and family are the true gifts that Santa brings.”

“Christmas loses a bit of magic the moment belief in Santa fades.”

“A belief in Santa can soothe your soul and fill your heart with love.”

“I choose to believe in Santa Claus. He is more than a gift-giving spirit.”

“Santa is the Christmas sugar and spice for girls and boys that are nice.”

“Santa is the magical spirit of Christmas that sparks the giving in our hearts.”

“The enchanting spirit of Santa Claus brings joy to revelers every Christmas.”

“Santa symbolizes the love we give one another and the importance of happiness.”

“It hasn’t snowed a single flurry But Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry.” – Jerry Herman

“Dear Santa—before I explain, how much do you know already?” – Unknown.

“There is no greater sound in the world than the rustle of Santa’s sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.”

“Believing in Santa is believing in love, light, and magic. Spread joy on Christmas by keeping Santa alive.”

“Can I get a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?” – Negin Mirsalehi.

“It’s not a question of believing in Santa, it’s about believing in the magic Santa brings to the season.”

“The spirit of Santa always lives in your heart. Never stop believing.
Believing in Santa is a joy for every girl and boy.”

“Dear Santa—I’ve been good all year. Ok usually. Ok very occasionally. Ok never mind, I’ll buy myself something.” – Unknown

“The heart of Christmas isn’t the presents Santa puts under the tree, it’s the family surrounding it. That’s Santa’s true magic.”

Santa Claus Hashtag for Instagram

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