How to Schedule Instagram Post 2022? Follow Easy Steps!

”If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Quoted by Benjamin Franklin

Probably wasn’t thinking about social media posting schedules when he said that, but it’s quite important to schedule your post. Why? Dive deep down. 

How to Schedule Instagram Post

Schedule Instagram Post

Add Your Social Handle (i.e Instagram here) to One of your Social Media Management Platforms let’s say Hootsuite

Now follow the upcoming following steps in your Hootsuite account.

Step1: Click on the “Profile” icon in the bottom left corner. 

Step2: Next, click on “Social Networks and Teams”.

Step3: Select “Private  Network” in the bottom-left corner.

Step4: Choose “Instagram” from there and then click on “Connect with Instagram”.

Step5: Now Enter your “Email Id” / “Username” and “Password” and give authorized access to Hootsuite.

Choose your Instagram Post which you want to schedule.  

Step 1: Go to your “Hootsuite Dashboard” then Click on “Select” from Create Menubar. 

Step 2: Now choose your Instagram handle in which you want to post (only in case of multiple handle login).

Step 3: Now move forward by adding your content / uploading them successfully there.

[NOTE – Here you also want to add Caption; Hashtag; Location; Cover Image(in case of reels/IG tv); and even you can tag some highly-relevant account of your Niche. 

Some Pro Tips: 

1. Try to use a Highly Relevant Hashtag for your post. 

2. Don’t Copy Paste your Hashtag from anywhere. 

3. Do Proper Research on hashtags.  

4. Search for those hashtags where your Post can Rank Easily because One’s Post gets Ranked it will automatically get boosted.

5. Same with Caption: Try to write an Eye-Catching Caption.

6. Try to Add a Proper CTA(Call-to-Action).

Now You can preview your Draft Post easily in the “Preview” Menu Bar available on the right side of your screen.

Find the Best Time to Post

Scheduling Instagram Posts for Free

Posting at the right time can help you move from 0 to 100. You can simply Boost your Post without Investing in Ads just by Posting at Right Time because when your Post gets desired Engagement according to Instagram Algorithm it will automatically Promote it / or will push it further. 

How to find the Best Time to Post?

For this particular task you need to be a Data Analyzer…

Step1: Open your Instagram.

Step2: Go to Insight.

Step3: Now Scroll Down and Review your Best Time to Post and all other stuff too. 

Here You can easily get to know at what time your maximum followers are coming online. And Just Post at that time.

Now here we go with the Last and Easiest Part of it. 

Click on the “Schedule for Later” icon and Yippee …Your Post has been Scheduled Successfully.

Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Post

  • Scheduling Instagram posts saves a lot of time.
  • It helps in building Consistency over Instagram. And we’ll know “Consistency is the only key to success”.
  • It helps in getting maximum engagement by posting at the right time with a well-researched Hashtag & Caption.


In order to save time, One Must have to Try Scheduling Instagram posts. And if you are professional then You must add this Scheduling Task in your Daily Taskbar in order to save time. If you are running a Digital Marketing Agency try preferring Scheduling instead of Posting on your own.

Being into the Digital Marketing World I found Hootsuite and Creator Studio to be the best Post Scheduling App.

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