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Beautiful Sunrise Captions for Instagram | Sunrise Quotes

Sunrise Captions: Seeing the sunrise is one of my favorite things to do on my travels. There is something magical about watching a city or a stunning landscape in the golden morning light! Not to mention that waking up early is the best way to avoid crowds and enjoy an otherwise crowded place.

I myself am totally guilty of this and it’s a character flaw that I am working on. Often, the only time I get to witness and enjoy the sunrise is when I choose to not spend the night sleeping in a hotel, but rather opt to wander the city I am visiting all night long. Or when choosing to sleep in a car or on the beach instead. Other times I love to see the sunrise is when spending some time camping and hiking in the mountains over a number of days.

If you’re looking for the best sunrise picture captions then you’ve come to the right place. Simply scroll down and choose your favorite from our comprehensive collection. Use our selection of sunrise Captions & quotes for Instagram to perfectly describe the moments you’ve captured.

Short Sunrise Captions for Instagram

Sunrise Captions for Instagram

1. Child of light.

2. Hello, Mr. Sun!

3. Sunny side up.

4. All hail the sun!

5. My ray of hope.

6. Fire in my heart.

7. Hello, new day.

8. New day, old me.

9. Rise with the sun.

10. Choose to shine.

11. Smile, it’s sunrise!

12. Dark turns to light.

13. Good morning sun.

14. Waiting for the sun.

15. Go soak up the sun!

16. Oh, tequila sunrise!

17. Kickstarting my day.

18. Rise before the sun!

19. Each sunrise is a gift.

20. Let there be sunrise!

21. Revitalizing my soul.

22. Bathing in sunshine.

23. Here comes the sun!

24. Radiate like no other.

25. Set your heart ablaze!

26. You are my sunshine.

27. the Sunrise state of mind.

28. We attack at sunrise!

29. Happy and contented.

30. Cherish every sunrise.

31. Recharging my energy.

32. What a majestic sight!

33. Hope in every sunrise.

34. I caught the sun today.

35. I told sunrise about you.

36. Peace of morning light.

37. A sunrise to remember.

38. Another day is breaking.

39. Feeling warm and fuzzy.

40. Connect with the divine.

41. Good morning, universe!

42. A daily dose of sunshine.

43. Reflecting on the sunrise.

44. Just early morning things.

45. The sun sets to rise again.

46. Sunrise, coffee, adventure.

47. Watching as the sun rises.

48. The soul is full of sunshine.

49. The peace of morning light.

50. Drenched in fresh sunshine.

51. My favorite color is sunrise.

52. Sunrise is a girl’s best friend.

53. I was waking up with the sun.

54. Obsessed with the rising sun.

55. Another day, another sunrise.

56. I got a pocket full of sunshine.

57. Nothing beats early mornings.

58. Shining, shimmering, splendid.

59. The most natural filter to exist.

60. I’m walking on sunshine, whoa.

61. Never saw a sunrise I didn’t like.

62. Saying good morning to the sun.

63. Feeling sun-kissed by the sunrise.

Best Sunrise Captions for Instagram

Early Morning Captions

1. Every sunrise is a gift to treasure.

2. I’m being seduced by the sunrise.

3. Watch more sunrises than Netflix.

4. The sun is greeting the mountains.

5. You, me, and the beautiful sunrise.

6. Watch each sunrise with new eyes.

7. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.

8. Sunrise – Serenity in its finest form.

9. The sky is speaking to me in colors.

10. There isn’t much a sunrise can’t heal.

11. This sunrise really brightened my day!

12. With each sunrise, we start a new day.

13. Another sunrise another new beginning.

14. This morning the sun made me adore it.

15. My favorite combo is sunrise and coffee.

16. The beauty of the sunrise warms my soul.

17. There’s no darkness in a beautiful sunrise.

18. Someone’s sunset is another one’s sunrise.

19. I was loving the sight of a beautiful sunrise.

20. Let the sunrise be in front of you and in you.

21. I gotta, pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine!

22. Waking up for the sunrise…definitely worth it.

23. Skipped the snooze button. Caught the sunrise.

24. What if every day started with a sunrise like this?

25. Who else gets excited when the sky turns colors?

26. Sitting here fascinated by nature’s beauty in a sunrise.

27. Sometimes, it’s worth not pushing that snooze button.

28. Even a stormy morning can produce a beautiful sunrise.

29. Don’t waste sunrises on people who will escape by dusk.

30. It’s impossible to see a sunrise and not start daydreaming.

31. A sunrise only lasts a few moments but the picture will last forever.

32. Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.

33. May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace.

34. I will always be that girl who gets excited when the sky turns pretty colors.

35. I love that this morning’s sunrise does not define itself by last night’s sunset.

36. Cherish the times you can watch the sunrise, there are only so many in a lifetime.

Early Morning Captions for Instagram

Sunrise Quotes

1. Rise and Shine.

2. Rise before the sun!

3. Such a beautiful sunrise!

4. Kissed by the morning sun.

5. Deep breath. It’s a new day.

6. Today is a good day to smile.

7. Another day, another sunrise.

8. Woke up with a purpose today.

9. Start your morning with a smile.

10. Oh yeah, it’s a beautiful one today!

11. Facing life’s challenges head-on!

12. Every morning is a new beginning.

13. Good morning, make it a great day.

14. Today is a good day for a good day.

15. Wake up and brighten someone’s day.

16. I need to get up – my coffee needs me.

17. Feeling inspired by the sun’s morning light.

18. If you are going to rise, you might as well shine.

19. Wake up for the sunrise, and stay out for the moon.

20. Rise up, start fresh, and see the bright opportunity in each day.

Aesthetic Morning Captions for Instagram

1. Can you feel the sunshine?

2. Thankful for every new day.

3. I got a pocket full of sunshine.

4. Sunrise, the miracle of the day.

5. Dance when the sun comes up.

6. Each day is born with a sunrise.

7. Forever chasing the morning sun.

8. Countless miracles start at sunrise.

9. Blessed with another new beginning.

10. Check out this awe-inspiring horizon.

11. Loving the warm tones of the scenery.

12. Never witnessed a sunrise I didn’t like.

13. Best kind of gold! Plus, it can’t be sold.

14. Making memories one sunrise at a time.

15. Daydreaming while watching the sunrise.

16. Something spectacular is on the horizon.

17. A night can never hope to defeat a sunrise.

18. There’s just no choice but to adore the sun.

19. Igniting my soul with the first break of light.

20. Eternal sunshine, near and dear to my heart.

21. Let the early morning sky be your favorite color.

22. During sunrise, souls are revitalized and reborn.

23. Rise and freshen up, and then conquer the world!

24. An end to the long night, an end to the darkness.

25. Every crack of morning light begins with new eyes.

26. Just proof that the best things in life are indeed free.

27. Morning steals upon the night, and darkness melts away.

28. Catching sunrises is boring and tedious, said no one ever.

29. Have faith, the first light of morning seemed to announce.

30. Hope is offering its warm salutations with a beaming smile.

31. If you’re looking for gold, then follow the first ray of sunshine.

32. Sitting here captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of a sunrise.

33. With a heart full of hope, I watch the sunrise over the horizon.

34. Nature reveals all its marvels and riches at the first ray of sunrise.

35. Let the sunrise steal your breath away and render you speechless.

36. Once in a while, try capturing the light of sunrise with your bare hands.

37. No matter how many times I watch the sunrise, it never gets tiresome and dreary.

Funny Sunrise Captions for Instagram

1. Rise then shine.

2. Soak up the sun.

3. Orange sky ft. AM.

4. Silence is golden.

5. Get your shine on!

6. Rise before the sun!

7. Let there be sunrise.

8. I feel bad for vampires.

9. Falling for this sunrise.

10. I caught the sun today.

11. I’m walkin’ on sunshine.

12. The most natural filter to exist.

13. Finally, I caught the sun today.

14. They are rising to the occasion.

15. A new day begins, so laugh it out.

16. Go outside and get some Vitamin D!

17. Guess what? I’m solar-powered now!

18. Look at me, I’m soaking up the sun.

19. This sunrise really brightened my day.

20. Your ray of sunshine, coming through!

21. Another sunrise another new beginning.

22. Am I dreaming, or am I awake? Pinch me!

23. The sun and I decided to rise to the occasion.

24. Wake up for the sunrise, and stay out for the moon.

25. Wild sunrises are the payoff for a slightly early outing.

26. Everyone should experience a sunrise at least once a day.

27. Don’t waste sunsets with people who will be gone by sunrise.

28. The sky was looking cute, so as a good friend, I snapped a pic of it.

29. Sunrises are wonderful. Its only drawback is that they come at such an inconvenient time of day.

Sunrise Quotes for Instagram

“Write before the sun comes up.” – A.D. Posey

“Each day is born with a sunrise.” – Suzy Kassem

“A night can never defeat the sunrise.” – Sumit Sharma

“It was a Sunday, an arsonist sunrise.” – Markus Zusak

“Every sunrise begins with new eyes.” – Richie Norton

“Smile my boy, it’s sunrise.” – Robin McLaurin Williams

“Let the Morning Rise with Your Smile!” – Somya Kedia

“When the sun rises, it rises for everyone.” – Cuban Proverb

“Listen to the wind blow, watch the sunrise.” – Fleetwood Mac

“Your light is more magnificent than sunrise or sunset.” – Rumi

“The darkness is at its deepest just before the sunrise.” – Voltaire

“Let the Morning Sky shade be your favorite color!” – Somya Kedia

“Another sunrise, another new beginning.” – Jonathan Lockwood Hu

“At sunrise, everything is luminous but not clear.” – Norman Maclean

“Every day, a million miracles begin at sunrise.” – Eric Jerome Dickey

“It was harder to drown at sunrise than in darkness.” – Edith Wharton

“Let the beauty of sunrise keep your heart warm.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

“Just like the days, no two sunrises are ever the same.” – Jonathan P Lamas

“It’s almost impossible to watch a sunrise and not dream.” – Bernard Williams

“I live in the shade created by the sunrise I am waiting for.” – Isabelle Razors

“O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” – Roman Payne

“If the sunset and sunrise are for sale, I will buy it even if it’s expensive.” – El Fuego

“May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace.” – Umair Siddiqui

“If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.” – Jeannette Walls

“To stand by the beds at sunrise and see the flowers awake is a heavenly delight.” – Celia Thaxter

“If I should capture the most beautiful sunrise, only then, will I stop capturing them.” – Danikelii

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.” – Walt Whitman

“A faint blush below the horizon, as the first kiss from the Sun, wakes the Earth from its slumber.” – Meeta Ahluwalia

“Next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless, remain that way.” – Max Lucado

“There is a moment in every dawn when light floats, there is the possibility of magic. Creation holds its breath.” – Douglas Adams

“At sunrise, the blue sky paints herself with gold colors and joyfully dances to the music of a morning breeze.” – Debasish Mridha

“Each time I see a beautiful sunset or sunrise, I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe that I’m awake and not dreaming.” – Anthony T. Hincks

“Every now and then I sit and watch the sunrise to remind myself how it’s done peacefully, steadily, warmly, and in beautiful color.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

“Always there was a moment a quick slip of time when the sun broke free of the trees and bled from its yolk, spilling in red-orange rivers over the silk.” – Terry Kay

“I love the sunrise, as I am definitely a morning person! It’s a great time to get up and have a coffee in the garden by myself before everybody wakes up.” – Bianca Balti

“Saw the sunrise. A lovely apricot sky with flames in it and then solemn pink. Heavens, how beautiful…I feel so full of love today after having seen the sunrise.” – Katherine Mansfield

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