How to Create Amazing Instagram Reels Video with InVideo

So, you want to create an Instagram reel video to showcase your best work and help you gain more followers? This article is for you!

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share rich and highly-visual content with their network. And if used correctly, these videos can increase your profile’s number of likes and followers. Instagram Reels are videos that are created by compiling pictures and videos. They can work as simple advertisements for your social media account and provide an eye-catching commercial for your business or brand. 

Creating amazing-looking Instagram Reels is a challenging task, but it is not impossible. This post will teach you the steps to create a professional-looking video with InVideo, the best software to use when creating Instagram Reel Videos.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is a video editing service that allows users to create beautiful Instagram Videos. The videos produced by InVideo are high quality, and the website has a huge library of editing templates.

How to Create an Amazing Instagram Reel Video with InVideo

1. Choose A Beautiful and Unique Template

It is very easy to create a high-end video when you have various available templates provided by a free Instagram video editor like InVideo. The website has many fantastic templates to choose from. Most of them are based on a very basic format, in which you can cut video clips from existing videos and add more videos from your favorite sources. It also offers many designs that can fit perfectly with your brand or the type of content you like to produce. 

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2. Add Pictures and Videos from your Existing Library

After you have chosen the perfect template for your video, you can add all of your existing pictures and videos from any social media platform or camera roll. A free Instagram video editor allows users to import videos from their camera roll, but it is recommended that you use Instagram Reel templates to leverage the strength of Instagram’s social media platform. To add content, click “Import Video” and select an image or video from your library. You can make several changes to the video before uploading it to the app. The most important thing is to check that all images fit with the right timing because bad timing might ruin the whole video.

3. Add Text to The Video

This is an optional part of the video creation process. You can change the font color and size by clicking on “Text” and then clicking on “Font.” If you want to change the font style or add special effects to your text, you can access these options by clicking on “T.” Before adding a text, it’s essential to consider what and where you want to put it. For example, if you put text over an image, make sure that this image is not so large that it covers the entire screen so that people will not be able to read your entire message.

4. Consider Adding a Music Track

Adding a soundtrack or music is highly recommended to make the video more memorable. You can use any music track as long as it goes with the style of your video. It is also possible to use audio recorded during the editing process by clicking on “Audio.” It is also very simple to add sound effects by clicking on “Fx.”

5. Edit the Video

Once your video is ready, you can now edit the clips on the screen to make them fit with each other. It is recommended that you use the “Trim” tool to cut long scenes from your video. Once you have finished editing your footage, click on Apply Video and then Save to see a preview of what your final clip will look like in real-time. Tap on “Done” when ready and wait for the app to finish creating your Instagram Reel Video. 

There are a variety of editing tools in this online video maker that can be accessed by clicking on “Edit” to add details to your Instagram Reel, such as adding titles and transitions, adding slices or graphics, or making other modifications. These editing tools include basic adjustments, Color Correction, Title Templates, Slice Insertion, Slices Editing, and more. InVideo also allows users to export videos in HLS (H264), MP4, and more formats. 

6. Save and share your video

When you are done, you can save it in your library to easily access it later and share it with your friends and followers. You can share it via email or upload it directly to your profile with a link. It is also possible to save your finished video as a GIF and share it on other social media platforms. Select the GIF option available when using this tool, then select a frame from the video that will fit perfectly with the given template. When uploading to Instagram, you can save videos to your library for safekeeping or send them directly to Instagram for publishing.

Conclusion: Creating Instagram Reel Videos with InVideo is a simple process that can be completed in less than 10 minutes. It is essential to know that these videos have a higher production value and can be used to promote products or services and increase profile engagement. Use these step-by-step instructions as a reference and create a video that will impress your followers, who will also enjoy browsing your brand’s Instagram profile.

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